Runners’ Heart-Reach

Runners’ Heart-Reach is a Ground Up Movement that was set up in late 2016.  Our objective is to bring about a much kinder and gracious running experience within the running community.

Running is a very easy sport that many people take up.  We can just put on a pair of running shoes and off we go.  Whether a run around our estate or in the parks, it is no wonder that this is a popular sport.  However, the ease of the sport also means that we see a huge number of runners who may not be aware of the etiquette of running.  We have seen runners spitting on the path, stopping abruptly to take a selfie and even walking/running more than 2 abreast, thus blocking the path.  These ungracious acts are sometimes committed unconsciously by the runners.

We intend to share with the public at large on proper running etiquettes through our Kindness Ambassadors.  Our 1st batch of Kindness Ambassadors were “recruited” through our inaugural Singapore Kindness Run held on 14th May 2017.  They will be sharing these etiquettes with runners they see during their runs either around the neighborhood or even in races.

It is our wish that in time to come, all runners will exhibit more graciousness during their runs to make running a truly enjoyable experience for all.  After all, Gracious Running is Gracious Living!

Singapore Kindness Movement

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wants to encourage everyone to start, show and share kindness. We aspire to inspire graciousness one kind act at a time. By sparing a thought for the people around us, we hope to create a gracious society, and make life better for you and me.

SKM’s current theme and call to action is to “Be Greater”. This challenges Singaporeans and other residents to go beyond random acts of kindness, and instead consider our individual and collective values. Be Greater is a call for everyone to be better versions of ourselves, for a more gracious Singapore.

SKM supports Runners’ Heart-Reach through their initiative in promoting a gracious running etiquette.

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Get Active! Singapore

There’s something for everyone at GetActive! Singapore from 1-10 August.

Show off your athleticism, relive the glory sporting days and rediscover your sporting best. There is a variety of sports events and activities for all levels across the nation!

With 14 sports festival sites and more than 25 competitions, you can now forgo new memories and connections by battling it out in kid and family-friendly activities. Cheer on your family and friends, time travel through our sporting heritage, and find your stage to shine.

Let’s live better through Sport!

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Yello Marketing

Yello Marketing is an integrated marketing agency specialising in the sports market. We offer unique end to end marketing solutions that are customised to each clientele and our passion is to deliver memorable results each time. Our customers include Top Multinationals, Leading Sport Brands, National Sports Associations, Charities and Government Agencies.

Started in Hong Kong in 2008, Yello continues to expand their business operations through genuine passion, knowledge and quality of work. In 2016, we opened our branch in Singapore where we continue to bring the same passion and quality to the community.

We believe through Sports we can transform lives.

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Efinity Group

Established since 2008, Efinity Group specializes in creative web development that adds values and brings growth to our clients. Our services includes, digital media design, web development and IT solutions.

Our Team approach ensures that our designers and developers operates without creative parameters, resulting in distinctive and valuable design and delivery. This ensures that your business, brand and product is effectively positioned in the market, generating a strong brand presence and maximizing your investments.

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